What is Tang School Project.

The Tang School Project is an ambitious initiative of Round Table India to build a primary school and deliver “Freedom Though Education” for the children of an isolated tribal community of North Eastern India.

Why Tang school Project

Hidden away in the frontiers of North Eastern India with Tibet to the north, China to the east and Burma to the south, Tang is indeed the most obscure human settlement in India. Tangs inhabitants, the Konyak Naga Tribes are hunter gatherers and slash and burn agriculturalist. Neglect, remoteness, poverty and inaccessibility has on one hand denied socio economic development and on the other hand compels the local population to over exploit natural resources and cause irreversible damage to the environment. The Konyak Naga children hold the key to unlock the potential of their community and sustain the natural resources of Nagaland; and Tang School Project will help them meet this lofty goal.

Common purpose…

Located in Mon district of Nagaland., the environs of Tang is known for its picturesque landscapes endowed with exotic flora & fauna, a grand tribal culture with spectacular folks traditions, architecture and handicrafts. Political reconciliation has brought uninterrupted peace and stability to the region for the last 13 years. Government of India considers the region as conduit for for economic and cultural integration with the ASEAN countries. As a result Stage Government of Nagaland, local, national and international civil societies and non-profits have several ongoing projects in this region.

Round Table Tinsukia and MMRT 42 have have joined the efforts by launching this ambitions project under the guidance and support of the National President, Round Table India and National Chairman of 41 Clubs of India.

Project Deliverable..

The first phase of the project owned by Round Table India entails constructing and handing off to the school committee a pitched roof, brick and motor school building with 5 class rooms, a running corridor and a separate toilet block. The second and post construction phase will be owned by I – India, and will focus on enhancing and sustaining quality of education by linking the community with Non Profits, Universities and Corporations.

The clock is ticking…

Due to weather conditions, the school must be constructed between October 2016 and April 2017, after which the rains will begin. We have a window. We have a compelling need. And we have the fire to create change. Now is a perfect time to get involved and help the children of Tang village.